Videocon d2h Recharge Plans 2023: Best d2h Recharge Packages & Plan List with Price and Channels

Customers of Videocon d2h, currently known simply as d2h, have access to a variety of recharge programs. Customers of d2h have access to a range of recharge plans, but sometimes this might make it difficult to decide which one to select. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a d2h subscriber and are trying to decide which plan is ideal for you. We’ll post the top D2H recharge offers in India for less than 300 rupees today. Let’s begin, then, without more delay.

List of the Best Videocon d2h Recharge Plans for Less Than Rs 300

Videocon d2h Recharge Plans 2023: Best d2h Recharge Packages & Plan List with Price and Channels
Name of the packPrice (in Rs)Number of Channels OfferedValidity Period
Hamara Hindi Pack.Rs 141.2768 channels.1 month
Value Lite HSM HD Pack.Rs 189.3758 channels.1 month
Value Tamil HD DTH Plan.Rs 271.0360 channels.1 month
Value Lite Tamil.Rs 132.0342 channels.1 month
Value Telugu HD.Rs 268.4945 channels.1 month
Value Lite Telugu.Rs 144.8339 channels.1 month
Value Kannada HD.Rs 247.3348 channels.1 month
Kannada Smart SD.Rs 114.9334 channels.1 month
Value Lite Malayalam.Rs 72.1034 channels.1 month
Value Lite Malayalam HD.Rs 163.4335 channels.1 month
Value Lite Bangla.Rs 122.9054 channels.1 month
Value Lite Bangla HD.Rs 192.9054 channels.1 month
Value Lite GUJ.Rs 126.4750 channels1 month
Value GUJ HD.Rs 218.0764 channels1 month
Value Odia HD Plan.Rs 256.5565 channels1 month
Amara Odia Lite.Rs 87.1528 channels1 month

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Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Hindi Language

d2h Hamara Hindi Pack

Hamara Hindi Combo Recharge Plan is the name of the initial package. A monthly fee of Rs 141.27 (not including the network capacity fee) is required for the d2h package. A total of 68 premium channels, including 3 business news networks, 14 general entertainment channels, 12 movie channels, 22 news channels, 5 music channels, 4 children’s channels, 4 informational/entertainment channels, 3 sports channels, and more, are available with the Hamara Hindi Combo recharge package.

d2H Value Lite HSM HD Pack

The operator’s d2H Value Lite HSM HD combo bundle costs Rs 189.37 and is the next option on the list. The 58 paid channels included in the bundle include 11 high-definition channels and 47 standard-definition channels. There are 21 news channels, 14 movie channels, 3 children’s channels, 2 informational channels, 2 sports networks, and more on the list.

Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Tamil Language

d2h Value Tamil HD DTH Plan

The monthly cost of d2h’s Value Tamil HD Combo recharge plan is Rs 271.03 (not including the Network Capacity Fee). Ten news networks, six music channels, four film channels, nine general entertainment channels, and more are included.

d2h Value Lite Tamil DTH Plan

The cost of the d2h Value Lite Tamil package is Rs 132.03. The DTH subscription lasts for a month. This bundle provides access to 42 standard-definition (SD) channels. There are a wide variety of channels represented here, including 18 news networks, 14 entertainment channels, 12 movie channels, 12 children’s channels, 6 music channels, 9 informational channels, 9 general entertainment cable channels, 3 lifestyle channels, and 12 sports channels.

Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Telugu Language

d2h Value Telugu HD DTH Plan

The monthly fee (not including Network Capacity Fee) for the d2h Value Telugu HD recharge bundle is Rs 268.49. 45 paid channels are included in this package, 11 of which are high definition and the remaining 34 are standard definition.

d2h Value Lite Telugu DTH Plan

The d2h operator’s Value Lite Telugu DTH plan is quite reasonably priced. The monthly cost of the package is only Rs 144.83 (GST and network capacity fee not included). The package’s 39 SD channels cover a wide range of genres and interests, from news to comedy to sports to documentaries.

Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Kannada Language

Plan HD DTH d2h Value Kannada

D2H’s Value Kannada HD Combo costs Rs 247.33 per month. Included in the package are 48 premium channels (13 HD and 35 SD).

Kannada d2h Smart DTH SD Package

One more affordable d2h package is the Kannada Winback Combo, which would only set you back Rs 105 per month. However, GST and network capacity costs are not included in this. Includes 5 news, 1 movie, 2 entertainment, 4 infotainment, 3 kids, 1 lifestyle, 4 sports, 1 Kannada, and 4 general entertainment cable (GEC) channels for a grand total of 12.

Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Malayalam Language

d2h Value Lite

This is the best pack for you if you want to save money and still watch some shows in Malayalam. There are a total of 34 SD channels included in the dth package, which costs Rs 114.93 per month.

d2h Premium Malayalam HD

Prices start at Rs 163.43 for the d2h Value Lite Malayalam HD bundle. There are a total of 35 subscription channels available with this bundle, including 8 high-definition and 27 standard-definition options. This list is extensive, covering a wide range of genres and formats, such as news, kids’ programming, music, film, general entertainment, fashion, and sports.

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Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Bengali Language

d2h Value Lite Bangla DTH Plan

The Value Lite Bangla DTH Plan is another great option from d2h that won’t break the bank. The monthly fee for this bundle is Rs 122.90, and it includes 54 SD pay channels. With this package, you’ll have access to the company’s lineup of six entertainment channels, three news channels, and more.

d2h Value Lite Bangla HD DTH Plan

The d2h Value Lite Bangla HD package is next. The price of this plan is Rs 192.90 and it lasts for 30 days. The package includes 54 premium channels (8 HD and 46 SD). There are six news networks, one music channel, eleven movie channels, fifteen general entertainment channels, one lifestyle and fashion channel, three informational channels, and one children’s channel on the list.

Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Gujarati Language

Value Lite GUJ

D2h also has a Value Lite GUJ plan, which costs Rs 126.47 per month (GST and network capacity fees excluded). There are fifty channels available in this package. Our subscribers can choose from nine news channels, fifteen entertainment channels, ten movie channels, one children’s channel, two music channels, two infotainment channels, four sports networks, and more.

Value GUJ HD DTH Plan

The d2h HD pack for less than Rs 300 is up next. For Rs 218.07 a month, you can have access to a whopping 64 premium channels. With this package, customers can access 9 HD channels and 55 SD channels.

Videocon D2h Recharge Plans in Odia Language

Value Odia HD Plan

At Rs 256.55, the Value Odia HD Combo is not cheap. There are over 65 channels included in the package, 12 of which are high definition and the rest standard definition. The package includes both news and entertainment channels, totaling a whopping 21. In addition, there are 11 channels dedicated to children, 4 to music, 14 to movies, 4 to information, 1 to Punjabi and Bhojpuri, and 2 to lifestyle.

Amara Odia Lite DTH Plan

One of the lowest DTH plans offered by the provider is the Amara Odia Lite package, which costs Rs 87.15 per month. There are a total of 28 premium channels included.

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