What if i do Airtel Recharge Before Expiry Date

What if i do Airtel Recharge Before Expiry Date: The new recharge will often be regarded as a “Smart Recharge” or a conventional prepaid recharge, depending on the precise plan you choose, if you recharge your Airtel mobile number before the expiry date of your previous plan. What to anticipate is as follows:

What if i do Airtel Recharge Before Expiry Date

Smart Recharge: Airtel offers Smart Recharge plans that extend the life of your existing plan and include extra features like talk time, data, and SMS. Your current plan’s unused benefits may be transferred to the new one by recharging before it expires. It’s crucial to review the alternatives and advantages of the various Smart Recharge plans because they vary.

Regular Recharge: If you select a regular prepaid recharge plan, the new plan’s advantages will take effect right away, superseding the benefits of your current plan.

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