What is Call Forwarding? How is it done? A Full turn-on and off information

Call forwarding is a very amazing feature in mobile, there are many reasons to use this feature, your mobile battery is exhausted, the network is not coming on your mobile, and you are getting too many calls so you can make all calls. or you want to transfer calls from one number to another number of your choice.

What is Call Forwarding?

What is Call Forwarding? How is it done? A Full turn-on and off information
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Call forwarding is a feature by which you can transfer the call of one number to another number, it is known as call forwarding, and call divert, many people think call forwarding and call divert are different. -Different but we would like to tell you, Call Diverting and Call Forwarding are the same thing, using which you can transfer calls from any number of yours to any other phone number of your choice.

What are the types of call forwarding?

There are 4 types of call forwarding, which you can use according to your needs, let us know what are the features of call forwarding?.

Always forward

Always forward means transferring the call always, by activating this feature, you can transfer all the calls of any one number to the number of your choice, like suppose you have more than one phone, but you are going somewhere. In case you are on the phone of your choice and don’t want to take all of them together, you can divert all the rest of the numbers to the phone of your choice so that you can receive calls from other numbers from the same mobile.

Call forward When Busy

This feature is used when you are busy on another call, but you can’t miss the second call, in which case you want to transfer the call to another number at that time. So that someone of yours can answer him, after activating this, when you are busy on another call, during the same time someone else calls, that call will be automatically transferred to the number selected by you.

Call forward when unanswered

This is such a feature that after activating, someone will call on your number, but you will not answer it, in which case that call will be automatically transferred to another number after some time, the number you have chosen. , when the unanswered feature is used when, for some reason, you are unable to answer a call, in which case you want someone else to answer the call, then you can enter his number here.

Call forwarding When unreachable

When after activating the unreachable call forwarding feature, whenever your mobile is turned off, that is, the mobile battery is exhausted or the mobile is turned off due to any other reason, there is no network in the mobile, during that time someone will make a call So that call will be transferred to any other number, the number you have entered here.

how to turn on call forwarding

After knowing about the call forwarding feature, now it comes to how to turn on call forwarding, so there are 2 ways, one you can turn it on and off by the setting of the mobile, the other by the USSSD code, let’s talk about both. know.

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Enable Call Forwarding from Mobile’s Settings?

  1. Go to mobile’s Settings
  2. Click on the Call Option
  3. After that click on Advanced settings or More settings,
  4. Then here you will see Call forwarding, click on it,
  5. After clicking on Call Forwarding, you will get 4 options given below.
  • Always forward
  • when busy
  • when unanswered, and
  • when unreachable.

Click on any of these features you want to turn on, then type the number to which you want to transfer the call, then click on the Turn on button.

Enable Call Forwarding from Dial Pad

  • First of all open the dial pad on your phone from where you call
  • After that you will see all the numbers from which the call has come or you have called, now here you have to click on the 3 dots on the top, if you do not see the 3 dots, then click on the top of the screen. Scroll to the side, after that you will see 3dot. then click on it,call settings
  • After clicking on the 3 dots, click on call settings,
  • Now click on the call forwarding setting here,call forwarding setting kare
  • After that, you will see the option Always forward, when busy, when unanswered, and when unreachable, click on the one you want to enable,
  • Then a popup will open, type the number to which you want to transfer the call, then click on the Turn on button.Turn on call forwarding

That’s all it takes to turn on call forwarding.

Call forwarding settings not visible on mobile?

Above we have told you how to set the call forwarding setting in Android mobile through a screenshot, but this setting may be different in different company’s mobile, so you may not get the call forwarding feature easily, then We are also telling you the way, no matter which company’s mobile you use, you can easily find the call forwarding setting in the settings of your mobile.

  • First of all open Settings on your mobile.
  • After that, you will see the search bar at the top, type Call there,Call forwarding settings Dekhe
  • After typing the call, you will see, all the features related to the call have been revealed to you, here you will also see call forwarding, as shown in the screenshot.

So in this way, you can find the call forwarding option in mobile, but you can also enable call forwarding on your number by just dialing ussd code without going to mobile’s settings, the method given below.

How To Turn off Call Forwarding

Turning off Call Forwarding is very simple, just follow the same stress as you had enabled Call Forwarding by following the above-mentioned steps, and from there turn off the Call Forwarding option.

So in this way you can take advantage of this by using the call forwarding feature on your mobile, we have told you how to do call forwarding settings in mobile, if you want to turn it on and off through the USSD code then Read the given post, in which the call forwarding code of BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea i.e. VI and Jio has been given, by using it you can turn it on and off without going to the mobile’s settings.

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