What to do Before Hard Reset Mobile

What to do before hard reset mobile, you must have known what is a hard reset and why a hard reset is done, if you do not know then what is hard reset {Hard Reset}? You can read this post In this post we will talk about what things should be taken care of before hard resetting the mobile.

Before doing a factory reset or hard reset, you must take care of the important things, otherwise, you can lose your important data, as well as damage you’re mobile, so let’s know what are those things. Keep this in mind while formatting the mobile.

What to do Before Hard Reset Mobile

What to do Before Hard Reset Mobile

Before factory resetting your mobile, you should know that this will delete all the data of your phone, along with it all the apps, data, settings, and passwords will be deleted and your mobile will be just like you got a new phone. Some important settings made by you will also be gone.

  • Before resetting the mobile, take a full backup of your mobile because by resetting all the data of the mobile is deleted so that you can use your data again after formatting, here is the information about how to take a backup of Android Mobile Simple way to take a full backup of mobile.
  • Before factory hard resetting the mobile, make sure to charge at least 70% of the mobile battery, if the battery will charge less and the mobile is turned off while doing a hard reset, then the mobile death can also happen.
  • Take out the SD card/memory card before hard resetting the mobile, because many times the data of the SD card can also be deleted while formatting, so it is careful to take out the memory card.

By keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, you can avoid losing your important data and hard reset the mobile successfully. I hope then you must have understood what things should be kept in mind while factory resetting the mobile. What to do before reset If you like the post, then definitely share it with your friends.

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