Who is Using the SIM Card in Your Name? stop Fake Numbers By Checking Online From Here

Hello friends, the title of our post today is who is running a sim card in your name? Close the fake number by checking online, you must have understood this by looking from here, today we are going to give you that information which definitely comes in the mind of all mobile users, whenever we buy any SIM card from the market, then our One thing definitely comes in the mind, by using our documents, sim card should not be given to someone else, this thing also comes to mind, how to know how much sim card is running in my name and any other sim in our name How to turn off the card is running.

After reading this article on meenasite, you can check online yourself, how much a sim card is running in your name, after that if you see a number that you do not have, it is not yours, then you can close it online. can do.

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Who is using the SIM card in your name? – Find out who is using the SIM card in your name

Who is Using the SIM Card in Your Name? stop Fake Numbers By Checking Online From Here

In today’s time, cases of online fraud have been coming to the fore, whenever any online fraud is done, the mobile number used by the scammers in it is fake, but who is the real owner of that number, he does not even know about it. Is playing another SIM card by name.

The government of India is trying day and night to stop this type of online fraud, that is why TRAI i.e. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has launched the TAFCOP portal on tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in you can check that From your ID proof, that is, how many SIM cards are running from your Aadhar card and if you have not taken any SIM card, then after seeing it on the portal, you can report it online, you can close that SIM card.

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find out how many sim cards are in your name

Step 1: First of all, open the browser on your computer or mobile and go to the website of tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in .

Who is Using the SIM Card in Your Name? stop Fake Numbers By Checking Online From Here 1

Step 2: After that by typing your mobile number inside the Enter your mobile number box, click on the Request OTP button.

Who is Using the SIM Card in Your Name? stop Fake Numbers By Checking Online From Here 2

Step 3: Now OTP will come on the mobile number you have entered, enter that OTP and click on Validate button.

Step 4: Now on the next page also you will see all the numbers which have been taken by your document, if of them you see a suspicious number, which you do not have, you do not recognize then you can turn it off Huh.

Who is Using the SIM Card in Your Name? stop Fake Numbers By Checking Online From Here 3

how to block any number online

Step 5: To turn off any number, check to mark it, after that this is not my number, Not required to select your reason, if you do not recognize any number then select This is not my number, Then type your name at the top, then click on the Request button at the bottom.

Step 6: After that, a popup will open in which you will see Ticket ID Ref No, you can copy it and keep it wherever you ask, so that anytime you check, you can check this Ticket ID only by typing it.

Note: Currently this facility is available only for Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Meghalaya, Jammu & Kashmir, and Tripura

If this facility is not available in your state then you wait for a few days this facility will be started very soon all over India.

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how to block a number of online videos

Friends, we have told you the complete information about how many SIM cards are running on your Aadhar card, yet if you have not understood anything, then you can watch the video below, and see any You can close the number online.

Friends, in this way you can find out online how much SIM card has been taken from your Aadhar card, and you can close it online, I hope who is running the SIM card in your name? The post will be helpful for those people who think that someone else is using a sim card in my name, and how to turn it off.

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