Why Hard Reset Mobile?

Why Hard Reset Mobile?: There are many reasons to factory reset a mobile, but without any reason, the mobile should not be factory reset, here we will know about why to factory reset an Android mobile before we told you hard What is Reset {Hard Reset}? If you haven’t read this post yet, do read it

Before factory resetting the mobile, you must know that this will delete all the data of your phone, along with it all the apps, data, settings, and passwords will be deleted and your mobile will be just like the new phone was taken. , some important settings you made will also be gone

Why Hard Reset Mobile?

Why Hard Reset Mobile?
  1. To remove the app: There are many applications that are not uninstalled after installing on the mobile but they can be removed by doing Factory Reset – Hard Reset.
  2. Pattern Lock, Pin lock, Password: Many times we forget to enter the pattern lock password in the mobile, due to which we are not able to unlock the mobile, but by doing a hard reset, we can break the pattern lock and unlock the mobile.
  3. When mobile hangs: Many times you must have seen that the mobile suddenly hangs, there can be many reasons for the mobile hanging, the internal memory of the mobile becomes full, the virus comes into the mobile, due to which the speed of the mobile becomes very slow. If the mobile hangs, such a problem can be fixed by hard resetting, and the speed of the mobile becomes faster than before.
  4. To delete all the data at once: If we want to delete a lot of data of mobile and delete them all one by one then we will take a lot of time but by doing a hard reset we can delete all the data at once.
  5. To remove virus from mobile: If a virus has come into your mobile then a hard reset is a very good way to remove the virus because a hard reset deletes all files along with the virus.
  6. To bring back the default settings: Many times the setting of the mobile gets damaged while doing some setting in the mobile but by doing a hard reset and factory reset we can bring back the default settings
  7. To clear or delete internal memory on mobile
  8. To remove personal information from mobile before selling mobile

So now you must have understood why hard reset the mobile. If you like the post then do share it with your friends

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