Why is the Call Not Coming? Reasons for not Receiving Calls on Mobile and Solution to the Problem

Are you not getting calls on your mobile as well and wondering why calls are not coming on your mobile then stay with us in this post because in this post we will tell you what is the reason for not getting calls on your mobile and how to solve this problem. To be fixed

The call is not received on mobile, i.e. if anyone is calling on your phone then you are not receiving, there can be many reasons for this, like network problems, call divert is not activated, or validity is expired There are many reasons for mobile phone failure, SIM card failure, flight mode enabled, SIM card failure, etc., due to which the call is not received on the mobile.

Why is the call not coming? Reasons for not receiving calls on mobile and solution to the problem

Why is the Call Not Coming? Reasons for not Receiving Calls on Mobile and Solution to the Problem

Let us now know in detail what is the main reason for not receiving calls on the phone, and how to fix it.

expiry of validity

Sometimes suddenly the validity of your number expires and you do not even know that the validity of the mobile number has expired, when no one gets the call, then think about why the call is not coming, so first of all Check your balance and validity by dialing the validity check code number of the company whose SIM card you are using.

Call Forwarding {Call Divert} on

If the call diverts ie call forwarding service is on your number then the call will not come to your number, the same number you have entered will be called, what is call forwarding and how to divert calls, we have already posted about this. have written:

how to fix it

If calls are not coming to your number due to call forwarding, then to fix this problem, stop the call forwarding service on your number, after that your number will start receiving calls, to stop call forwarding For this you can dial the following USSD CODE.

Jio Call Forwarding Deactivate Code : *413

Airtel Call Forwarding Activate Code: ##002#

BSNL Call Forwarding Deactivate Code: ##002#

VI ie Vodafone-Idea Call Divert Stop Code: ##62#

Turn off Call Divert through Mobile’s Settings

  • Open your phone dialer app.
  • Tap the 3-dot menu at the top-right corner and select Settings
  • After that select “Calling Accounts” and select your SIM card which is not receiving calls.
  • After that select “Call Forwarding”
  • Turn off the All forwarding option.

For more details, you can read the post below which explains how to deactivate and activate VI ie Vodafone-idea call forwarding for Jio, Airtel, and BSNL.

your sim card may be bad

Your SIM card may get damaged, now you must be thinking that we have not tampered with the SIM card, then how can my SIM card get damaged, then I would like to tell you that sometimes the SIM card gets damaged suddenly. Because of this the network does not come in the mobile and even if the network comes, it comes very rarely, sometimes the network comes only then it goes, so check your SIM card, your SIM card is not bad.

SIM card is bad or right how to check it?

To check whether your SIM card is correct or bad, take another mobile and try putting that SIM card in it, if the SIM card is working well on that mobile, then your SIM card is correct, but the mobile is defective. Is

Information about how to get another SIM card in case of theft if the SIM card is damaged is given below.

Also Read: Sim Replacement – ​​Duplicate Sim | How to change lost sim full details

SIM card shutdown from mobile’s settings

There is an option to turn off and on the SIM on smartphones, if you have 2 SIM cards installed in your mobile, then you can turn off one of them, and you can turn off both of them, so you may have made a mistake. Have switched off that SIM card since.

how to fix it

To fix this, go to Settings, then click on “Network & Internet”, tap on “SIM card” and make sure that both SIM cards are enabled.

SIM card not fitting properly

Many times the SIM card gets shaken due to the falling off the mobile, or due to any kind of injury to the mobile, due to which the SIM does not work properly, so once you remove the SIM card from your mobile, put it in a soft cloth. Clean it and reapply it thoroughly.

mobile failure

The reason for not receiving calls on mobile can also be that your mobile is damaged, or your mobile’s sim slot is damaged, to check if your mobile is not bad, try inserting your sim card in another mobile If your SIM card is working properly in that mobile, then it was definitely happening due to the fault of your mobile.

Flight mode या Airplane mode

If Flight mode or Airplane mode has been turned on by mistake on your mobile, then it turns off all network-related services due to which the call is not received, to turn it off go to Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane Turn off the mode.

sim card locked

Even after following all the steps mentioned above, if the call is not coming on your mobile, then it may be that your SIM card is closed, to find out whether your SIM card is closed or active, you can test it You can see by putting it in another mobile if the SIM card is not working in that mobile too, then definitely your SIM card is closed, here is the information about how to turn on the closed SIM card: How to turn on the closed SIM simple way

So now you know, what is the reason for not receiving calls on your mobile, and what to do if calls are not received, I hope this post will be very helpful for you, you can search Google to get information about such interesting topics. You can visit our website by typing meenasite in the box.

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