Why the Message is Not Going – If the Message is Not Going from Mobile then Follow These Tips

Is the message not being sent from your mobile, then in this post why the message is not being sent, the reason for it, and the solution for sending the message been told, many mobile users are facing problems in sending messages. It happens, whenever he wants to send a message to someone, the message is not sent, the message tells Error or Failed.

Why is the Message Not Going Through The Mobile?

Why the Message is Not Going – If the Message is Not Going from Mobile then Follow These Tips

There can be many reasons why the message is not coming on the mobile or the message is not going from the mobile, if you have just bought a new SIM card and the message is not going from it, then there can be many reasons for this, the first reason is your number The message service is not activated, another reason could be that your mobile’s message setting is corrupted.

Apart from this, there can be many reasons, for which we will talk further, but first, you should check that talk time balance or SMS balance is available on your mobile.

Due to Missing Message

Message service not Activated: Many times the message service is not activated on the new SIM card, it has to be activated by talking to the customer care officer.

Message Center Number Deletion: By tampering with the setting of the mobile, the message center number is accidentally deleted or a wrong number is added, sometimes the message center numbers are changed from the company side as well. Due to this also the message is not sent from the mobile.

Talktime Balance or SMS Balance Not Available: You should also check whether the talktime balance is available on your mobile or SMS balance is available or not because you know that due to lack of talktime balance or sms balance, you can call anyone. Can’t send messages.

Expiry of validity: Many times the validity of the mobile number expires suddenly and you do not even know that the validity of your number has expired, so check whether the validity of your number has expired, Airtel, BSNL, And the code to check the validity of VI number is given below.

Invalid Number: You should also check whether the number you are sending the message to is valid because typing the wrong number will not send the message to anyone.

Network Problem: Sometimes the message is not sent due to a network problem, if there is a network problem on your mobile, the network is not coming equally, sometimes the network comes single, and sometimes it goes, even in such conditions the message There is a problem with sending.

The Message is Not Going From Mobile, Fix The Problem Like This

Now we are telling you how to fix the problem that the message is not going from the mobile. You follow the below-mentioned tips one by one, I hope you will be able to successfully send messages from your mobile.

Activate Message Service on Your Number

If you have bought a new SIM card and you are sending a message for the first time, but the message is not going through, then it is possible that the message service is not active on your number, for this you have to talk to the customer care and ask them to activate the message service. After that, the customer executive will activate the message service on your number.

If the messages were going before your mobile but are not going now, then follow the tips given below.

Select The Correct SIM Card

If you use an Android smartphone and have a dual SIM card, then select the SIM card through which you want to send the message, some phones can select the SIM card at the same time from where the message is sent, but some In the first message setting in the mobile, the Sim Card through which you want to send the message has to be selected.

Step 1 – First of all open Settings on your phone.

SMS message settings

Step 2 – Now tap on Sim Card.

SMS messages

Step 3 – Now click on the SMS Messages option, and then select the SIM card.

Now the SIM card has been selected in your mobile, now whenever you send a message, it will be sent through this SIM card, if there was a problem in selecting the SIM card in your mobile, then now you will be able to send the message easily, even after If you are not able to send the message, then go ahead and follow the tips given below.

Update Message Center Number

The message center number is the address of the message, if it is Deleted from the mobile or if any wrong number is added in its place, then if you send any message, the message will not go, many times the company also changes its message center number, if If this has happened to you too, then you should update the message center number in your mobile.

Below is the message center number of all the companies, you read the post given below, in this post the message center number of all sim cards and the method of updating are also explained.

Airplane Mode ON/OFF करे

Sometimes network single does not come equal, and due to network problem, the message does not go to anyone, to solve this problem, first, turn on Airplane Mode on your mobile and then turn it OFF again after 10 seconds, to do From this, the network will be equal to your mobile.

Restart Your Phone

Due to not turning off the smartphone for many days, a lot of problems have to be faced, the mobile starts hanging. Many mobile problems get fixed automatically.

Force Stop the Message App

Text messages are sent by the Message App, you can get rid of this problem by Force Stopping it and then starting it again.

  1. Go to the Settings menu of your mobile and open Apps or Apps manager.
  2. Now in Apps manager, swipe down to see all apps.
  3. Now, look for the messaging app in the list, and when you find it click on it.
  4. Now you will see the Force Stop option, click on it.
  5. Then restart your mobile.
  6. After restarting the phone, now try to send a message from your mobile, maybe your problem is fixed if still the problem persists then follow the tips given below.

Clear Messaging App Data

Even after adopting all the tips given above, if the message is not being sent from your mobile, then clear the messaging app data, this is the last and most effective tip, for this follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Open Settings on your mobile

Step 2 – Now click on the Apps option, if your mobile has the name App manager then click on it.

messages app

Step 3 – Now here you have to see the messages app and then click on it.

Stage 4 – Now you have to click on Storage.

messages Data Clear Kare

Step 5 – Now clear the data by clicking on the CLEAR DATA Button.

Step 6 – After doing the data, you have to go to the setting and select the SIM card through which you want to send the message, as we have mentioned above, after that the problem of not getting the message from your mobile will be resolved.

So now you have come to know why the message is not going from the mobile and what is the reason for the message not going, as well as the solution to this problem, you must have got complete information about it, I hope this post will definitely help you. Share this with your friends, thank you for reading.

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