Top 10 World’s Best Game on Mobile: Call Of Duty: Mobile, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans and More

In recent years, mobile games have seen a significant increase in popularity, with millions of people preferring to use mobile for casual or serious gaming. We have seen some big players in the PC and console domain, entering the mobile gaming category. The best example is the Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series or Call Of Duty Mobile.

Looking at the demand for mobile gamers, gaming companies are working towards making popular games for mobile easily available. And the number is still increasing day by day. By observing everything, we thought to compile a list for you in regards to the world’s best games for mobile. In this article, we will explore the world’s best game on mobile, taking into account various factors that make a game great.

Criteria For Determining The World’s Best Mobile Game

There are various criteria that you can consider while determining the world’s best mobile game. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:-

  • Popularity – The first and foremost criterion is popularity. If the game is widely downloaded and enjoyed by a large group audience then it’s a clear sign of the best game.
  • Gameplay – The features, plot, graphics, sound effects, and the way it is played are the most second important criteria in determining.
  • Glitches & Lag-free experience – If the game has glitches and a lag-free experience then it’s indeed a great contribution in determining.
  • Reviews – If the maximum reviews are on the positive side, then, at last, it’s a clear sign of the best mobile game.

List of the World’s Best Games on Mobile

GamePriceDownloadsActive UsersRating
Call Of Duty: MobileFree100M+61,229,5424.3
Asphalt 9: LegendsFree4M+100,000,0004.4
Temple RunFree500M+252,606 4.4
Candy Crush SagaFree1B+250,000,000 4.6
Clash of ClansFree500M+152,615,349 4.6
Fruit NinjaFree500M+2,000,000 4.5
Angry Birds 2Free100M+66,800,0004.3
FIFA MobileFree100M+8,000,0004.4
Ludo KingFree500M+32,000,0004.1
Subway SurfersFree1B+150,000,000 4.6

1) Call Of Duty: Mobile

The first on the list is the very popular Call Of Duty: Mobile. If you are a battle royale fan, then you must have played or heard about this at least once in your life. The game has been a very popular warfare series on the PC and the mobile version is not far behind. With COD Mobile, you get to play different modes, use futuristic perks, try new weapons, get rewards, and more. Loved by millions around the globe due to its storyline, fantastic characters, realistic graphics, and special tasks, the COD Mobile is surely one of the best games out there for mobile.

Pros and Cons

Freely Available 
Great GraphicsLags due to bad connection
Amazing Fighting Style 
Wonderful GameplayHeats up the device

Download: Android / iOS

2) Asphalt 9: Legends

The second on the list is Asphalt 9: Legends. This game is best for car racing enthusiasts. It’s a fun game with a highly challenging racing environment. Amazing graphics and special effects bring the best to the player. However, there are some downsides. The amazing parts of the game are short-lived. In simple words, the focus is mainly on racing without any storyline. The main objective seems to win each season of races. There are a lot of tracks to drive around, but races get over quickly. Also, if you run out of gas, spend money or wait for at least 15 minutes. In brief, sometimes it feels that the game is trying hard to coax money from the player.

Freely Available 
Great GraphicsAlways find ways to ask for money
Fun RacingDoesn’t require much skill
Amazing car collectionAcquiring cars are a bit difficult

Download: Android / iOS

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3) Temple Run

As an explorer, Temple Run makes the player run endlessly from a group of demon monkeys. Imagine being Indiana Jones, where you have just stolen the idol from the temple and now demon monkeys are chasing you. The crisp graphics, amazing fast-paced gameplay, and different characters make the game outstanding. You can modify the player in any way you desire. It’s a single-player mode-based mobile game. It has simple controls and as you run, you have to dodge the roots of the trees, wall gaps, fire traps, etc. To jump over something just swipe up. To slide under something swipe down, or run on the left or right side of the screen (by tilting the device left or right). Anyone can play it for long hours as the game consumes very less battery power. The fact that it is still present in mobile OS for more than a decade, stamps it as the most-loved game among teens.

Freely AvailableA Bit Buggy
Good GraphicsNo Pause Between Levels
Player modification 
Jungle vibeSometimes heats up the device

Download: Android / iOS

4) Candy Crush Saga

An excellent time killer, Candy Crush Saga emerged as the game loved by any age group. Even old people were caught playing it. This simple-to-play game provides you with a board of different types of candies and asks you to match them in order to clear them and score points. The graphics are pretty good. You just have to slide your thumb across the screen. The baseline is: you just have to match the three candies of the same type, and matching four or more earns you bonus points. Many people consider this one of the best puzzle games ever too. So, if you are someone who is looking for a puzzle game, then Candy Crush Saga won’t disappoint you.

Freely AvailableNo strategy
Easy GameplayEither too hard or too easy
Challenging Variations 
Very popularLimited life times

Download: Android / iOS

5) Clash Of Clans

The most adored strategy game on mobile OS platforms is the Clash Of Clans. In the beginning, it starts with an empty field and a few basic buildings. You get basic town halls and some resource-generating facilities. By resource generating, we mean that you can generate gold and some water. And whenever some thieves try to attack, you have to purchase guns and other arms to protect your buildings and savings. In brief, you build and protect your empire. The entire game revolves around PvP combat. The game has a 4.6 rating overall, which means it is among the top-played games on Android and iOS. Good graphics and marvelous strategy are the key highlights of the game. So, looking for the best strategy game? Then, go for the Clash Of Clans without any doubt.

Freely AvailableHighly Addictive
Easy GameplayPromotes defocus for players
Pure strategy 
Beautiful environmentAffects mobile memory

Download: Android / iOS

6) Fruit Ninj

Fruit Ninja is a very smooth game with good graphics. Amazingly simple to play, the game has an addicting taste locking kids and in some cases even adults. In the gameplay, various fruits fly across the screen, and you swipe your finger across them, slicing through them. Its razor precision of the controls provides the best gameplay. Playing it, made us keep playing it for hours and we were amazed by its addictiveness. There are also bombs that you should avoid at any cost. Overall, one of the best games to try at least once.

Freely AvailableNo strategy
Easy GameplayLack of music
Great FeaturesIrregular detection issues
Very popularPointless storyline

Download: Android / iOS

7) Angry Birds

The world-famous Angry Birds 2 is freely available on mobile Operating Systems. The stages of the game are more colorful and alive. In this, you have to aim and shoot the angry birds. All of that requires perfect aiming. Fairly good graphics, smooth gameplay, and addictive taste make it one of the best picks on this list.

Freely AvailableNo strategy
Easy GameplaySometimes glitchy
Decent Features 
Amazing GraphicsMany ads

Download: Android / iOS 

8) FIFA Mobile

Football lovers need not disappoint as the next game on this list is FIFA Mobile. Yes, this football game is renowned for its gameplay, graphics, player skills, teams, and much more. The game starts with choosing the teams. During the game, you can perform different football skills, defend, and kick easily toward the goal. You can even switch the players between the gameplay. With over 8 million active users around the globe, this football became the top sports genre game ever. So, FIFA lovers can download it and play this game without any doubt.

Freely AvailableBizzare multiplayer mode
Superb GameplayCommercially focused
Massive teamsNot good for small screens
Very addictiveHeats up the device

Download: Android / iOS

9) Ludo King

Ludo King is no doubt the king of the indoor sports games genre of mobile OS. This game has decent graphics and the multiplayer mode works very well. At the start, you can choose your favorite colored tokens, and start playing it till the winner declares. Sometimes, if the internet is on, ads show up. Rest is ok. Talking about its active user base, then the game has 32 million active users with over 500 million plus downloads globally. During the pandemic, many people opted for this as a stress buster. So, for sure, worth giving a shot.

Freely AvailableNot 3D
Amazing GameplayVery addictive
Best multiplayer mode 
Very popularDecent graphics

Download: Android / iOS 

10) Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer was the most downloaded mobile game in the year 2022. The game has great graphics and works similarly to temple run. In this also, the player has to run from a policeman while earning coins. To jump, swipe up, and to slip down, swipe down. Swipe left and right respectively to earn coins. As the game moves ahead, the speed of the player increase, making it difficult to control. The trains keep coming from ahead, making it more challenging for the player to stay on track. So, if all of this interests you, must try the Subway Surfer.

Freely AvailableHeats up the device
Smooth GameplaySometimes framerates drop
Fun gameA little slow to load at times
Colorful visualsNot so challenging

Download: Android / iOS


1) What are some of the most popular mobile games?

PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Clash Of Clans are one of the most popular mobile games available on Android and iOS platforms.

2) Which is the Best Free Mobile Game?

If you are looking for the best mobile game then it has be to Call of Duty: Mobile. The action-packed game has been liked by many.

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